Facebook video

I had a relative send me a text video this week on facebook. It was a Christian video that told a story that said it was going to give me chills.

Basically the story was of a person that felt god was telling him to get in his car at 10 o’clock at night. As he drove around aimlessly, he heard god tell him to stop at a store and buy a gallon of milk. Again he did as the “lord” was telling him.

Then the guy wondered what he should do with the gallon of milk. As he pondered this he “heard” god then tell him to stop at this random house and give the milk to the people living there. Reluctantly, he finally obeyed the voice in his head. 

It just so happened that the family living in the house needed the milk to feed their baby, as they couldn’t afford to buy any due to financial hardships. 

What a miracle. What perfect timing. 

No…it didn’t cause me to have chills. It actually just made me think about kids in hospitals with illnesses like cancer. I can only imagine how much of a slap in the face stories like this may be.

Is god concerned with a kid needing milk and providing for them, but not concerned with another kid with a life threatening illness? Where is the help for these kids? He can provide milk but not heal all the kids with cancer?

The milk story, that is likely pure fiction anyway, did not give me chills. It just raised more questions.

I’m not sure if this relative of mine knows about my unbelief. I haven’t exactly made an announcement to family. At the end of the video it asks if you would send this “amazing story” to everyone on your friends list. Also to send it to the person who sent it to you if you were blessed by it. Needless to say I didn’t send it back.


Tell the senate to oppose a 20 week abortion ban response.

Today I sent an email action alert to my local senator informing him I’d like him to reconsider voting for the proposal in the title of this post. Here is the response I got.

Dear Mr. Tommy Torres,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  While we may disagree on this issue, I appreciate the opportunity to have a respectful conversation with you.

As a Christian, I believe all people are created in the image of God.  Every human life is precious and should be protected.  Every person has value and deserves to be treated with honor and dignity.  Our Declaration of Independence begins with an affirmation of the right of each person to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As you may know, H.R. 36 was introduced in the U.S. House by Rep. Trent Franks (AZ) on January 6, 2015. The legislation would prohibit abortions nationwide on unborn children who are beyond five months in gestation on the basis that children at and beyond that stage of development can feel pain. The bill passed the House on May 13, 2015, by a vote of 242 to 184.  Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) introduced a companion bill in the Senate on June 11.

The bill codifies what many people already believe: an unborn child at five months can experience pain.  The child is a unique life who deserves our protection. Science and medicine have rapidly advanced in the past decade, allowing better understanding of child development in the womb and greater opportunity for viability.

As a staunch advocate for protecting life, I am an original cosponsor of this legislation and look forward to the Senate’s consideration in the days ahead.  When I served in the U.S. House, I was an original co-sponsor of the previous version of this bill, H.R. 1797, which passed the House with my support on June 18, 2013, in a vote of 228-196.

In the United States, we have laws to protect children outside the womb from abuse, harm, and death. I believe the only differences between children inside the womb and outside it are size and time.  Just because they are smaller people, does not mean they should be any less protected by the law.  I have the utmost respect for mothers and the plight they face.  However, I will continue to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

At five months most parents in Oklahoma have already seen an ultrasound to watch their baby kick independently, determine the baby’s sex, and count fingers and toes.  America remains one of a handful of nations in the world, including China, North Korea and Vietnam, that allows late-term abortions.  It is time for that to end.

I have sponsored numerous pro-life bills and remain opposed to abortion.  I realize many Oklahomans have very strong feelings in opposition and in support of abortion practices.  While we disagree on this issue, I look forward to working with you on issues where we share common ground.  I hope you will continue to contact me via email at www.lankford.senate.gov for more information about my work in the United States Senate for all of us.

In God We Trust,

James Lankford
United States Senator

Crazy Week

It’s been a hell of a week on social media and the news. A lot of opinions came out with the Confederate flag issue and the Supreme court ruling same sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

I’ve reserved my opinion on the topic of the flag. I honestly don’t know enough about it and it’s history. I read what several people had to say about it. Stating opinions as facts without citing references.

I’ve seen that flag all my life and never gave it much thought. I will have to spend some time looking into it. If anyone has any links to references that are good, let me know.

I would like to say congrats to the people who now have the legal right to be married and be recognized in all 50 states. It’s been a long time coming.

On my Facebook feed, I’ve seen a lot of hate coming from the religious folks of course. “America’s gonna burn, gods wrath and judgement” and all of that stuff. I really don’t get these people. Do they want freedom in this country or not? Equal rights? I guess only when it benefits them and serves their own purposes.

Anyone who doesn’t think like them can go to hell. They seem to think we are anyway. Religion wants to cram it’s doctrine down everyone’s throat. Force feed every single person until we vomit their regurgitated dogma.

What people do in their bedrooms and personal lives is no one’s business. As long as what they are doing is legal and all parties involved are consenting.

There is finally freedom and equal rights for everyone.

Go Doctors!

Something that really bugs me about believers and faith is when they claim that their prayers specifically made a difference in a situation and think that it should be evidence that their god is real and he listens to them.

Recently a friend sent me a link to a blog about a sick child. The childs parents use it to keep those interested informed of her condition. It also thanks the readers for continued financial support and prayers. The most updated post on it said that the kid had started to do better and was quite possibly going to make a 100% recovery. The writer of the blog, whom I believe is the dad, gave all the credit to god and all the prayers that had taken place.

Honestly in my opinion, all of this is fine. I have no problem with this family believing that their god healed their child. Its what they want to believe…fine. They are free to believe that. And I’m really glad that the child is making a recovery, because it looked like at one point she had a chance of dying. I can’t imagine how scary that would be. I would never tell a family what they should believe healed their kid in a situation like this. I would never go to their blog and tell them they are wrong for believing prayers did the healing. Only if they were to come to me and say something like, “look what god and prayers did” would I politely disagree with them and tell them the reasons why I don’t believe it.

However, to my friend who was trying to use this story to convince me that the “power of prayer” was not to be doubted and to come back to faith, I didn’t mind giving my opinion on the matter. However, even here I wasn’t terribly rude. I didn’t even mention that I didn’t believe that it was the prayers that healed the kid. I just told him that science and doctors are pretty cool. At this, I got no further response from him defending his position that prayer works.

Often times believers forget all about the hard work, years of education and practice doctors put in to be able to make their patients better. Often times saving lives in seemingly hopeless situations. Some believers are quick to dismiss advances in science. I’ve heard it said that you don’t see faith healers at hospitals. There is a reason for that. Go doctors!


12 years

Anyone who has read some of my posts may of noticed that I think highly of my wife. She has been kind of a hero to me. Several years ago, both of us were going through a doubting period in our faith. But it was her that really started to ask the hard questions and letting people in our circle of friends and family know she was doubting. She was the one who first said that she no longer believed and had damn good reasons for it.

I stubbornly held on to belief and wanted to continue taking our kids to church. She let me know she could no longer tell them she believed. She didn’t want to tell them or me what we did or didn’t have to believe. But she also couldn’t teach our kids it was truth when she no longer believed herself.

Needless to say, I have come around. Christianity, along with any other religion or gods proposed make no sense to me. Its been an amazing journey with my wife to get to this point. We’ve had our ups and downs and it hasn’t all been easy. But our marriage is in a much better place.

Today we celebrate 12 years of marriage! I love you honey. Thanks for being so brave.

Lying For Jesus

In another exchange with a christian believer about “Intelligent Design” this clip from Ben Steins movie Expelled was sent to us. It is the scene where Richard Dawkins talks about the “possibility” of an alien race seeding the earth to begin life. It is unclear what the point was for sending the video link. I think to show that even an evolutionary biologist and prominent atheist such as Dawkins can perceive of an intelligent designer starting life here on earth. And I assume the message for us should be to have an open mind about Intelligent design.

Here is the youtube clip.

Here is an article from Richard Dawkins himself stating the truth behind this interview and the “science fiction” that Dawkins proposes about the aliens. The part that Ben Stein or whoever put together and edited this movie fails to show the viewers. Thus attepmting to make Dawkins look silly. His explanation begins on paragraph 14.

Lying For Jesus by Richard Dawkins

How blatantly dishonest can these ID people be? It always seems their position can not stand on its own, so they stoop to these levels. This is why atheist and unbelievers can not trust what any of these ID people have to say. They try to sound scientific in these documentaries. But this example proves they are just liars for Jesus.

It’s just a theory?

Almost daily on Twitter there seems to be a debate or argument going on between those supporting evolution and those opposed to it. I see comments from people who support creationism like, “its just a theory” or the classic, “if we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?” I even have to jump in from time to time on these discussions.

I know that christian creationists have to be opposed to a scientific theory like Evolution and Natural Selection. Evolution doesn’t line up with what they believe is true, which they get from their bible. So they have no choice but to be opposed if they want to continue to believe in their god and holy book. Regardless of the facts that the scientific community has proven about evolution. Some creationists will even bend and stretch their beliefs and their bible and try to make it fit what science says about how we evolved.

All of these exchanges and discussions got me wanting to look more into what a scientific theory is. What does it take for an idea to become a theory and did the theory of evolution have to go through the same scientific process to get to where it is today.

The first thing I had to clear up, is why do christians say, “it’s just a theory?” What do they mean by that? I tried to take my mind back to when I was a believer. I had absolutely no idea what evolution was about or what it said. All that I knew is what the bible said and believed it was true, hook line and sinker. If there was anything refuting the bible, then it must be a lie from the enemy. Therefore, I never bothered with it. So I can imagine in this mind set saying something like, “its just a theory” would take the meaning, its just a guess, unsubstantiated and speculative, which is an example from Wikipedia I found. I’m almost certain this is what most christians mean when they make that statement. Nothing against them, its just what most believers I was around for 20+ years would say and dismiss a theory like evolution and choose to remain uneducated about it if it threatened belief and faith. “It’s just the devil, so don’t even go there.”

Now on to what a scientific theory actually is.

1. A Scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired through the scientific method and repeatedly confirmed through observation and experimentation. Scientific theories are testable and make falsifiable predictions. They describe the causal elements responsible for a particular natural phenomenon, and are used to explain and predict aspects of they physical universe or specific areas of inquiry. Scientific theories are the most reliable, rigorous, and comprehensive form of scientific knowledge. This is significantly different from the common usage of the word, “theory”, which implies that something is a guess (ie. unsubstantiated and speculative) *Wikipedia

2. ..large bodies of work that are a composite of the products of many contributors over time and are substantiated by vast bodies of converging evidence. They unify and synchronize the scientific community’s view and approach to a particular scientific field. *RationalWiki

Live Science has a good article explaining the scientific theory.

So, it seems to me that for an idea or hypothesis to become a scientific theory it has to go through a long, proper and strict process. The hypothesis is looked at by several scientist in the field who run experiments repeatedly and ending with the same or better conclusions. Once the hypothesis is overwhelmingly agreed upon within the community after testing, it then becomes an actual scientific theory.

Scientific theories are open to scrutiny and can be disproven at any time if evidence is found, tested and proven to show that scientific theory to no longer be valid. And they can also be improved upon as  more knowledge of the theory comes in and with refined technology.

With the knowledge of what a scientific theory is, I then looked to see if a similar process was taken by those claiming “creationism” was science. Is it really taken seriously by the scientific community? Does it have equal footing? I could not find anything that shows creationism to be a scientific theory. The creationist claim from what I can find just a guess, unsubstantiated and speculative. Creationism can only be believed and taken on faith. I know that creationist apologist try to argue their points in various different ways. They bring up one or two scientists that see things the way they do, but unfortunately for them, they do not have an actual Scientific Theory that has been peer reviewed and tested. They only have faith.