Such as these.

Luke 18:16 NIV
But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

A very curious scripture. I heard a very stunning statistic today from Sam Harris. There are 9 million children under the age of 5 that die every year. That is 24,000 a day. 1,000 every hour. As I type this sentence, several are going to die. Probably in the arms of their parents, praying to a god. Like the one referred to in the scripture above.

I heard another good quote from Dan Barker that said, “If you want proof there is no god, take a walk through a childrens hospital.”

When talking to believers about this, they tend to put all the blame on ourselves and “the Fall.” We allowed sin to enter the world. Therefore, taking all the responsibility off of any god.

Maybe Jesus was saying he wants the children to come to him sooner rather than later. That we would be hindering them coming to him by trying to find cures to heal them.

We now know, as science has found, that epilepsy isn’t the cause of demon possession as the bible says. Or various sicknesses the cause of curses. I believe one day that science will discover cures for these illnesses. And other scientific explanations will be far greater than just attributing them to some god or supernatural beings. None of which can be proven in the slightest. Only believed.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to watch your child suffer any kind of serious illness. And I would never want to take away from the parents who are reaching for anything to bring strength and purpose to their suffering. Even if its a god.

I can’t even begin to believe that if there were a god, he would allow such an injustice. But then again, I read the bible and its riddled with these atrocities. So it would seem god still just turns a blind eye. Or, he’s just not there.

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?

Epicurus 341BC-270BC


Still a newbie.

I have been a doubter, skeptic and critical thinker now for just over a year. So only recently have I been looking at the bible without my god glasses. It has been a new perspective to say the least. I remember as a christian reading the bible and skimming over or just accepting ignorance on the tough passages and mainly paying attention to the more “encouraging” verses. I looked for the scriptures that made me feel good. The ones that were easy to digest.

I can tell you over the past year, even though I had doubts and was thinking more critically about the bible and religious claims, there were times I still tried to hang on to faith. But the more I read, the more I had questions and doubted. It was very tough being around christian friends. Especially when they would pray. I tried to avoid praying as much as possible around others. Something about it just felt silly. Like we were just talking to ourselves. Now I know we were.

I do have to admit that I am still grateful to some of my christian friends who helped me through some tough times over the past year. I’ve not been able to talk to any of them about my unbelief.

I know I have a lot to learn. I still spend a lot of time reading the bible. However, I read it with a critical mindset. It has been quite fascinating. Seeing the flaws and contradictions. Seeing just how wrong the bible is and understanding the human errors it presents. It has become more clear that it is not an inspired text from some deity. Maybe the authors believed some of what they wrote about. But a lot of the new testament reads like it was written by factions with certain agendas in mind. Over all, the bible is not a book to follow for good morals. It fails in so many ways.

I have also been slowly learning about evolution. This is a topic that can get overwhelming, but is also quite captivating. It is clear to me that science is well on its way to discovering and has discovered so much about life. I am very new to studying and acquiring knowledge about evolution. I don’t see how anyone can ignore the evidence of fossil records and the science of evolution.

I get up every day and look forward to learning something new. I try to keep an open mind to what is truth. So far religion hasn’t shown anything that leads me to believe in a god. But I can conclude that if there is a god, it certainly isn’t the god of the christian bible.

Who is more evil?

In my previous post (That Drunk Noah) I asked the question, how did Noah already know that there was going to be Canaanites? Well, the bible says that Noah had three sons, Shem, Japheth and Ham. These three according to the bible were directly responsible for re-populating the earth. Just believe it, don’t try to make sense of it. The bible says it.

Anyway, to answer my question, I suppose the only way that Noah could know is if the drunken naked incident happened decades after them getting off of the ark. And Hams son Canaan, (seemingly his youngest son) was already born.

Which leads to another question. Why the heck would you choose the youngest grandson to curse, just because his father saw you naked? Why curse the youngest son and therefore make a future enemy of the god you worship. Which later resulted in the death of thousands through war. Is it because he’s the youngest and the least in your eyes? If this is the case, how can anyone not see how morally wrong this is? To damn a son for something so silly that the father did, just seeing you naked.

I know the answer back from believers will probably be something like, “It was a different culture and seeing someone naked was disgraceful, yada yada.” I don’t buy it. It certainly doesn’t make what Noah did to Canaan right. Out of Noah’s own mouth does he create his enemy, the Canaanites. When he should have just kept his mouth shut and either learned to handle his drinking, kept his clothes on or covered his ass up. But as we see time and time again, the god of the bible and his minions live under their own moral code. And by god every one else better have higher standards or you will be cursed, stoned, beaten or just killed.

It seems like every “evil” in the bible is started by god or the people who claim to follow god. Who is more evil?

That drunk Noah

Genesis 9:20-25 Noah, a man of the soil, proceeded to plant a vineyard. When he drank some of its wine, he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent. Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father naked and told his two brothers outside. But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their fathers naked body. Their faces were turned so they would not see their father naked. When Noah awoke from his wine and found out Shem saw him naked he said, “Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will be to his brothers.”

So, there is one “righteous” person in the entire world that god sees fit to rescue from destruction. He gets hammered and passes out naked.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to get drunk after surviving a world wide flood on a boat with thousands of pairs of animals from all over the world. Having to live with all the stench and shoveling all the shit. Throwing it out that one window into the already dying salt water fish. Mopping up all the animal piss. Having to constantly keep the carnivores from eating the other animals…and yourself. Feeding all the animals.  All of this for over 150 days! I’d be stepping off the boat at the end and looking for my first drink too.

I can’t say I blame Noah much. And god must be cool with it because he still gives Noah the power to curse his son Hams descendants, the Canaans. God later orders the slaughter of the Canaan men, women, children and infants. All this from a drunken naked man and his son who looks in to check on his drunken old man. Maybe just to see if he’s ok. What gratitude.

One question I have is how did Noah already know that there was going to be people called Canaanites? Maybe I’m missing something.

Again, here we see that story of some supposedly godly dude who is willing to curse or kill one of his own children. Ask yourself, is there anything that your child could ever do to make you want to actually kill or curse them? I mean, he is the one passed out with his junk exposed. Could he not take some of the blame? Could he not just act like any normal person would and just be a bit embarrased and thats it? No…hes got to act like a kid and eventually cause even more pain, death and suffering. Another one for gods team.

I bet Shem and Japheth snuck a peek anyhow.

American Nephilim and Giants

In my earlier post titled Giants, I mention that one of the problems I have with the god of the bible is how he sent the Israelites to slaughter races of people. Including women, children and infants specifically. A question I have is, Is it ever ok to kill an infant? According to believers and god, it is ok. Their reasoning is that the races that god orders baby killing were giants and descendants of “fallen angels” who impregnate women.

The first round of “proof” that came my way was a video with pics showing people digging up remains of “giants” that were monstrously huge. Much bigger than 8-10 feet large. But I did some checking and found all these were photoshopped. So out the window it went. Still no proof. Gods still a baby killer.

Then another video link was sent to me by text message. It is a video of a man named Jim Vieira giving a presentation about a giant race. He gets into the large race part around the 37 minute mark.

So when not being challenged at his own presentation, he gives a pretty convincing talk. He shows newspaper clippings and magazine articles hoping to make what he’s saying more convincing. He talks about all the various skeletal remains dug up at various sites in America. Remains between 7 and 8 feet tall.

One of the main points he makes in his presentation is that the Smithsonian took the skeletal remains and kept them forever hidden from public viewing or study. It screams conspiracy theory. When asking the person who sent the video what reason would the Smithsonian have to hide the remains, the response was, “because it wouldn’t fit in with Darwins theory of evolution.”

Another person who was also included in the text message, (who is also quite the conspiracy theorist) replied all another text message. It said how great of a video it was and some other conspiracy theory speak. I didn’t quite follow it. To which the original messenger replied:

“I think the Smithsonian started confiscating these oversized skeletons at the same time our scientific and academic national community adopted Darwins theory of evolution. Bfor that hundreds, if not thousands of articles were freely written about then and pix taken. Whether of not u subscribe to evolution, hiding evidence that doesn’t quite fit is NOT the way to scientifically discover the truth!”

And also:

“Funny how when we were nationally embracing biblical creationism there was freedom in new discoveries. But now, we r punished professionally if we theorize there might be an intelligent designer. Or discoveries that don’t fit Darwin are downplayed.” 

Now, I’m a new little Doubting Dragon, so I had to ponder the thought of that for a while. I had to take time to wrap my head around all this new information from this video. I mean, he was presenting a case with “credible articles and clippings” right?

I then did a google search the the presenter in the video. Jim Vieira. And first saw this article. Good information to expose yet another possible conspiracy theorist. But I know creationists would dismiss TED’s rejection of Jims presentation as they are just trying to shut him up, because he “speaks the truth.”

Also in my research about the newspaper clippings, it was interesting to find out just how much exaggerating papers did back then. How much more spectacular they would make things seem, just to sell more papers. Besides, back then, no one really did any fact checking. There was no google! So the papers could say practically anything they wanted or were paid to say.

I also found this BLOG post that was interesting.

The more I thought about it, even if there had been a race of giants, it wouldn’t change the fact that theres no proof they were super naturally brought to the earth. It still doesn’t change the fact that the god of the bible (if he was real) brutally murdered women and children, even if they were to grow up to be giants. Its still no proof for belief.

I found interesting info online from the I believe that there are today, this very day, at least 20 people alive that are over 7 ft. tall. So why doesn’t god have them killed? Are they descendants of fallen angels? Are they evil?

Where are the bibles contemporary bronze age writings about races of giants? Seems like yet another thing that would be hard to miss.

But the thing that kind of puts this whole thing to bed for me is how much of a motivating factor money is. If there were actually races of giants to be found archeologically, I doubt very much that the Smithsonian could keep such a tight grasp on all digs everywhere. Money talks, and there would be other groups out there to find their own giant skeletal remains and would want to profit heavy off of such a discovery. If there were races of giants, I would expect to see more finds other than just here in America. I would expect there to be some found, like say…hmm, I don’t know. Maybe where the bible says the slaughtered Amalekites were killed by the Israelites.

Until some other “proof” is brought forth for a race of giants or if I find something else to rant about, I’m putting this subject to bed.

God it seems, is still just a woman, child and infant killer after all.

God works through people

Last night, my wife was telling me more about her conversation the other day with her mother. Her mom was giving most of the usual reasons why she believed. When my wife had an answer or response, her mom might come back with more, but would also say, “I can see your point.” or would just move on to the next thing, likely because she had no answer back to my wife.

Then the big one came. Her mother made the comment, “God works through people.” Another argument that is supposed to be convincing I guess. To which my wife responded, “Of course, he has to, because he’s not there.”

Now I’ve heard a lot of things in my recent search and listening to podcasts that make me stop and go, “Wow, never thought of it like that.” But this was probably the most profound thing I’ve heard in a while. It hit me hard. It her her mother hard too. Her mom had a look of shock and probably could see how far away from being a christian my wife was. And unless better evidence comes along for god, she likely won’t be going back.

If anything….

My wife and I met at church 15 years ago. We married 11 years ago. Early on in our marriage I began to have doubts about the existence of a god. However, I was not brave enough to talk to my wife about it. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did try one time, but I don’t think I communicated very well how deep my doubts were. I was actually kind of scared to admit it. I knew it would change things dramatically for us. So I just kind of brushed it off and rolled with trying to remain a christian.

I remember through the years trying to read the bible by myself and with her. It was painful every time. We didn’t read much together and I would usually fall asleep very quickly trying on my own. I know now it was because of my doubts that it was so difficult to read and believe.

Then we started having kids. My wife is the most honest and self searching person that I know. I’m sure she could give a better account of her experience, but I will do my best. She began to have doubts of her own as she read the bible. One day she was reading to our boy while our niece was over. After she read one of the stories, our niece asked my wife, “do you believe that?” A switch went off in my wifes head. She wasn’t sure. The process began, because she knew she couldn’t teach our kids the bible if she didn’t believe it herself.

I remember my wife and I being at our weekly bible study group and she announced she was having doubts that god was there. Most of the people in the group told her she can’t figure it out with her thinking, logic and mind. That the “holy spirit” would reveal all things to her. So we prayed for just that very thing to happen right then and there in the group. I wanted so bad for it to be true myself and for god to show something to her. Of course nothing happened.

I have never seen some one so desperate in their search. Some one so open and really wanting to hear from god as my wife during this time. She cried many times to hear, feel or see anything from the god that (according to the bible) wants to reveal himself to us. I couldn’t understand how god could not do anything for someone that wanted something, anything to show he was real. My wife didn’t believe anymore.

Fast forward the story now to the point where I did my own searching and research to find I don’t believe anymore either. My wife and I have been on an amazing road that is open to truth.

The purpose of this post is to talk about a meeting my wife had yesterday with a family member. This family member is a lifelong christian that of course is very worried about our eternal souls and the souls of our children. I’m sure it is quite disturbing that we are taking the path that we are. I understand that, coming from a christian perspective.

The family member was trying to understand why my wife didn’t believe anymore, and also wanted to show my wife reasons why she does believe it. Their reasons for belief was the usual “prophecies fulfilled, personal experience, why did so many die martyrs for jesus, so many do believe it.” No actual proof for the existence of god. Just emotional plugs and no real truth.

The thing that finally upset my wife was when our family member said that god has spoken to said family member. My wife said, “so he can speak to you so clearly, but not me?” Our family member said something to the effect of, “well…maybe some aren’t as sincere about it.”

This is absolutely not true. IF ANYTHING…my wife was more sincere in trying to get a response from god, than anyone I’ve ever known. And now I have to say that we are both sincerely looking for what is really true. So far, we’ve found no truth in the bible or any god. If there is a god out there, we’re still open. I just think its a dead end.

My wife left the meeting feeling like she didn’t really get all her points across. Like she didn’t really make our family member understand why she doesn’t believe. But I told her that she knows inside herself why she can’t believe it. That’s all that matters. She doesn’t have to convince anyone else or gain any one else’s approval for her disbelief. As long as we can remain honest with ourselves. I am proud of her.