God works through people

Last night, my wife was telling me more about her conversation the other day with her mother. Her mom was giving most of the usual reasons why she believed. When my wife had an answer or response, her mom might come back with more, but would also say, “I can see your point.” or would just move on to the next thing, likely because she had no answer back to my wife.

Then the big one came. Her mother made the comment, “God works through people.” Another argument that is supposed to be convincing I guess. To which my wife responded, “Of course, he has to, because he’s not there.”

Now I’ve heard a lot of things in my recent search and listening to podcasts that make me stop and go, “Wow, never thought of it like that.” But this was probably the most profound thing I’ve heard in a while. It hit me hard. It her her mother hard too. Her mom had a look of shock and probably could see how far away from being a christian my wife was. And unless better evidence comes along for god, she likely won’t be going back.


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