Who is more evil?

In my previous post (That Drunk Noah) I asked the question, how did Noah already know that there was going to be Canaanites? Well, the bible says that Noah had three sons, Shem, Japheth and Ham. These three according to the bible were directly responsible for re-populating the earth. Just believe it, don’t try to make sense of it. The bible says it.

Anyway, to answer my question, I suppose the only way that Noah could know is if the drunken naked incident happened decades after them getting off of the ark. And Hams son Canaan, (seemingly his youngest son) was already born.

Which leads to another question. Why the heck would you choose the youngest grandson to curse, just because his father saw you naked? Why curse the youngest son and therefore make a future enemy of the god you worship. Which later resulted in the death of thousands through war. Is it because he’s the youngest and the least in your eyes? If this is the case, how can anyone not see how morally wrong this is? To damn a son for something so silly that the father did, just seeing you naked.

I know the answer back from believers will probably be something like, “It was a different culture and seeing someone naked was disgraceful, yada yada.” I don’t buy it. It certainly doesn’t make what Noah did to Canaan right. Out of Noah’s own mouth does he create his enemy, the Canaanites. When he should have just kept his mouth shut and either learned to handle his drinking, kept his clothes on or covered his ass up. But as we see time and time again, the god of the bible and his minions live under their own moral code. And by god every one else better have higher standards or you will be cursed, stoned, beaten or just killed.

It seems like every “evil” in the bible is started by god or the people who claim to follow god. Who is more evil?


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