My new baby dragon


It finally happened. At 9:09am Nov 18, 2013, Austin Hardin Torres came into the world. He was a bit early, but still weighs 5#11oz. Baby and mother are doing great. Just a couple more hours of keeping him regulated and he’ll be in mommas arms.

His big brother and sister are jumping up and down for grandpa to bring them here to the hospital. They are excited to meet their new baby brother.

Becoming a parent is awesome and scary at the same time. Sometimes we wish there was a manual. Sometimes we are afraid we are going to do things wrong. I guess those feelings never really go away.

The biggest thing that my wife and I have learned in recent years is that they are each individuals. Our job is to guide them in making good sound and moral decisions and judgements. From there, they need to learn how to think on their own.

If they want advice, of course we are there to talk to them.
But I want them to know that no matter what they chose to do and become, we will never cease to love and support them.

So far my wife and I are quite happy with the outcome and how our children think about the world around them. I wish I was taught how think and how to express my own feelings at such an early age, instead of what I should be thinking.

Its a proud day for me as I see my third child into the world. Welcome Son!


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