I don’t believe in aliens

Yesterday my wife had a spirited discussion with a believer who was a bit upset that she is no longer a believer. The same arguments were made to try to persuade her to come back to faith. Let me just say that I know that this person does care for my wife a lot, otherwise he wouldn’t make any effort to talk to her about these matters. However, the arguments made for god once again, weren’t convincing.

The believer admitted that there is no evidence for god, science probably can’t prove god exists and that only through faith can one believe. All of this we agree with. Having faith or pretending to know what you don’t know is the only way for a belief in god that I can see.

As I pondered the conversation further during the evening I wondered what would be a comparable explanation for why I simply don’t believe. And I thought about aliens.

I don’t believe in aliens. I have never seen any proof or evidence that they exist. I acknowledge that there have been many reports from people claiming to have been abducted, seen aliens or flying saucers. So someone pushing me to believe in aliens would expect me to believe these peoples stories or testimonies. I could therefore, based on these claims only believe in aliens by faith through the testimonies of other people, since I have not seen proof or evidence myself. Would I REALLY believe it though? No.

I’m not saying that there absolutely can not be any thing else living out there in the universe. I just don’t know. I suppose it could be possible. I just haven’t seen the evidence myself.

So, as I stated in my last post. Just like Thomas, I need to see physical proof and evidence. Thomas’ closest friends testimony wan’t good enough for him. God acknowledged this and gave him his proof. Then he believed. Is this to much for us to ask in kind?

I suppose it is, because if there is a god, it remains elusive and determined for its followers to believe only by faith. I can’t attempt to believe in something that I just don’t believe is there. It isn’t genuine, it isn’t real. It just feels like a fake way to live. It’s not something I can do any more.


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