Another Easter season

So another Easter Sunday has come and gone. Millions of believers in their thousands of denominations congregated to worship the mythical risen savior. Now I see what a prison that world really is. I am thankful to not have to live that way any longer.

As I woke on Sunday morning, I began to think about my journey towards Atheism thus far. I remember as a believer I avoided conversations with non-believers and sometimes even believers about my faith. I knew that I had no good reason for believing. I couldn’t tell you why I believed. I just had faith. Faith that the bible was true, that my pastor was speaking truth, faith that those around me couldn’t be wrong, therefore I would just continue to believe myself.

Then there finally came the day that I couldn’t live like that anymore. I couldn’t live under the umbrella of other peoples beliefs. I had to know what I believed and why! So I started doing my own research. My first step was just reading the bible from cover to cover. But I read it a lot more critically than I ever had before. As I did, I began to see things that I’d never noticed.

The first thing quite frankly being how tyrannical the god in the bible is. He directs and orders killings far beyond the scale of Hitler or Stalin. Even doing some of the killing himself. But I guess because he is god, he always gets a pass.

In further reading the gospel writings, other things didn’t seem to add up. I began to find multiple contradictions. One being the birth narratives of Matthew and Luke. Matthews version is during Herod’s reign when Herod orders all infants 2 and under to be killed. (Which can not be found in any other history writing.) Luke’s version is during the time of Ceasar Augustus where he decrees a census over the entire Roman world. (Another piece of history that can’t be confirmed outside of the bible.) Both of these accounts couldn’t have happened at the same time. Harods reign ended no less than 10 years before Ceasar Augustus took power. The problem here is obvious.

In addition to reading the bible, I began reading other books and listening to podcasts that were on both sides of the fence. The Atheist material started to make more and more sense.  The theist position seemed more like it was having to bend and stretch the truth to fit into their stories. All of this added up, led me to no longer believe in the christian god. My mind was opened to new possibilities.

I feel so much more free now not living under the oppression of religion. Not many of my friends and family know yet. It is tough to come out and for them to understand my point of view. Those that do know think I’m confused and Satan is deceiving me. Knowledge, questions and skepticism is the enemy of religion it seems. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the years to come. One friend thinks this is a temporary thing for me. But it is not.

I still love taking my kids on egg hunts. Even if it is church sponsored. We took the kids to a church down the road from our house and they had some fun. Of course the church members invited us for Easter services at the end and we respectfully declined.

Anyway, Hoppy Easter.


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