Go Doctors!

Something that really bugs me about believers and faith is when they claim that their prayers specifically made a difference in a situation and think that it should be evidence that their god is real and he listens to them.

Recently a friend sent me a link to a blog about a sick child. The childs parents use it to keep those interested informed of her condition. It also thanks the readers for continued financial support and prayers. The most updated post on it said that the kid had started to do better and was quite possibly going to make a 100% recovery. The writer of the blog, whom I believe is the dad, gave all the credit to god and all the prayers that had taken place.

Honestly in my opinion, all of this is fine. I have no problem with this family believing that their god healed their child. Its what they want to believe…fine. They are free to believe that. And I’m really glad that the child is making a recovery, because it looked like at one point she had a chance of dying. I can’t imagine how scary that would be.¬†I would never tell a family what they should believe healed their kid in a situation like this. I would never go to their blog and tell them they are wrong for believing prayers did the healing. Only if they were to come to me and say something like, “look what god and prayers did” would I politely disagree with them and tell them the reasons why I don’t believe it.

However, to my friend who was trying to use this story to convince me that the “power of prayer” was not to be doubted and to come back to faith, I didn’t mind giving my opinion on the matter. However, even here I wasn’t terribly rude. I didn’t even mention that I didn’t believe that it was the prayers that healed the kid. I just told him that science and doctors are pretty cool. At this, I got no further response from him defending his position that prayer works.

Often times believers forget all about the hard work, years of education and practice doctors put in to be able to make their patients better. Often times saving lives in seemingly hopeless situations. Some believers are quick to dismiss advances in science. I’ve heard it said that you don’t see faith healers at hospitals. There is a reason for that. Go doctors!



12 years

Anyone who has read some of my posts may of noticed that I think highly of my wife. She has been kind of a hero to me. Several years ago, both of us were going through a doubting period in our faith. But it was her that really started to ask the hard questions and letting people in our circle of friends and family know she was doubting. She was the one who first said that she no longer believed and had damn good reasons for it.

I stubbornly held on to belief and wanted to continue taking our kids to church. She let me know she could no longer tell them she believed. She didn’t want to tell them or me what we did or didn’t have to believe. But she also couldn’t teach our kids it was truth when she no longer believed herself.

Needless to say, I have come around. Christianity, along with any other religion or gods proposed make no sense to me. Its been an amazing journey with my wife to get to this point. We’ve had our ups and downs and it hasn’t all been easy. But our marriage is in a much better place.

Today we celebrate 12 years of marriage! I love you honey. Thanks for being so brave.