American Nephilim and Giants

In my earlier post titled Giants, I mention that one of the problems I have with the god of the bible is how he sent the Israelites to slaughter races of people. Including women, children and infants specifically. A question I have is, Is it ever ok to kill an infant? According to believers and god, it is ok. Their reasoning is that the races that god orders baby killing were giants and descendants of “fallen angels” who impregnate women.

The first round of “proof” that came my way was a video with pics showing people digging up remains of “giants” that were monstrously huge. Much bigger than 8-10 feet large. But I did some checking and found all these were photoshopped. So out the window it went. Still no proof. Gods still a baby killer.

Then another video link was sent to me by text message. It is a video of a man named Jim Vieira giving a presentation about a giant race. He gets into the large race part around the 37 minute mark.

So when not being challenged at his own presentation, he gives a pretty convincing talk. He shows newspaper clippings and magazine articles hoping to make what he’s saying more convincing. He talks about all the various skeletal remains dug up at various sites in America. Remains between 7 and 8 feet tall.

One of the main points he makes in his presentation is that the Smithsonian took the skeletal remains and kept them forever hidden from public viewing or study. It screams conspiracy theory. When asking the person who sent the video what reason would the Smithsonian have to hide the remains, the response was, “because it wouldn’t fit in with Darwins theory of evolution.”

Another person who was also included in the text message, (who is also quite the conspiracy theorist) replied all another text message. It said how great of a video it was and some other conspiracy theory speak. I didn’t quite follow it. To which the original messenger replied:

“I think the Smithsonian started confiscating these oversized skeletons at the same time our scientific and academic national community adopted Darwins theory of evolution. Bfor that hundreds, if not thousands of articles were freely written about then and pix taken. Whether of not u subscribe to evolution, hiding evidence that doesn’t quite fit is NOT the way to scientifically discover the truth!”

And also:

“Funny how when we were nationally embracing biblical creationism there was freedom in new discoveries. But now, we r punished professionally if we theorize there might be an intelligent designer. Or discoveries that don’t fit Darwin are downplayed.” 

Now, I’m a new little Doubting Dragon, so I had to ponder the thought of that for a while. I had to take time to wrap my head around all this new information from this video. I mean, he was presenting a case with “credible articles and clippings” right?

I then did a google search the the presenter in the video. Jim Vieira. And first saw this article. Good information to expose yet another possible conspiracy theorist. But I know creationists would dismiss TED’s rejection of Jims presentation as they are just trying to shut him up, because he “speaks the truth.”

Also in my research about the newspaper clippings, it was interesting to find out just how much exaggerating papers did back then. How much more spectacular they would make things seem, just to sell more papers. Besides, back then, no one really did any fact checking. There was no google! So the papers could say practically anything they wanted or were paid to say.

I also found this BLOG post that was interesting.

The more I thought about it, even if there had been a race of giants, it wouldn’t change the fact that theres no proof they were super naturally brought to the earth. It still doesn’t change the fact that the god of the bible (if he was real) brutally murdered women and children, even if they were to grow up to be giants. Its still no proof for belief.

I found interesting info online from the I believe that there are today, this very day, at least 20 people alive that are over 7 ft. tall. So why doesn’t god have them killed? Are they descendants of fallen angels? Are they evil?

Where are the bibles contemporary bronze age writings about races of giants? Seems like yet another thing that would be hard to miss.

But the thing that kind of puts this whole thing to bed for me is how much of a motivating factor money is. If there were actually races of giants to be found archeologically, I doubt very much that the Smithsonian could keep such a tight grasp on all digs everywhere. Money talks, and there would be other groups out there to find their own giant skeletal remains and would want to profit heavy off of such a discovery. If there were races of giants, I would expect to see more finds other than just here in America. I would expect there to be some found, like say…hmm, I don’t know. Maybe where the bible says the slaughtered Amalekites were killed by the Israelites.

Until some other “proof” is brought forth for a race of giants or if I find something else to rant about, I’m putting this subject to bed.

God it seems, is still just a woman, child and infant killer after all.



Over the past several years, my wife and I have gone through the de-converting journey from christianity. It is a long story, but we are both happy we’ve been able to look at this stuff in an honest way and not just take things on faith any longer. As you can imagine, this walking away from faith, christianity, believing the bible, etc. has upset some family members. They of course are very worried about our eternal  souls and the souls of our children. I guess I keep that in mind when talking to any family or friends, is that they do love us and care about us. Its just that we don’t see eye to eye any longer on this issue.

One of the issues that my wife and I brought up in the recent past is how could god order the killing of so many other tribes, nations and people. Genocides that include killing women, children and infants. As I mentioned in my previous post, it all seems “Hitler” like and not a god I care to follow. Like an out of control tyrant.

My wife received a text that said something to the effect of, “do you remember when you had a problem with god ordering the killing of certain groups of people. Well this explains it and I believe it.”

A Youtube link with a guy giving a talk about Nephilim (Giants) was also in the text. See the video here. Now I have to admit, this was the first time I had ever heard of a race of giants. I had only heard of the one that David popped in the head with a rock. The premise behind the argument is that when god orders nations to be killed, there were two different groups to be killed.

Group 1: Only men were ordered killed by god. Group 2: EVERYONE, including men, women, children and infants were ordered killed by god.

The video states that Group 2 were always nations of Nephilim. According to the bible, Nephilim were the epitome of evil. A race of giants born from fallen angels who impregnated women. Thus, god wants his nation to kill ALL of them, ALL the time.

So I thought of 1 Samuel 15:3 where god orders the killing of the Amalekites. The entire population is ordered to be killed. Upon further research of who the Amalekites were, there are some references to them being a race of giants. Some references don’t mention giants at all. Just that they really enjoyed pestering the Israelites a lot.

Then I looked into whether the Amalekites even really existed. So far I’ve not been able to find any evidence outside biblical sources. I would think secular history would have recorded such people somewhere.

Then I also looked into the Nephilim. Did they exist? There are images on google that show modern digs finding skeletons of giant remains. Then I found on how one of these photos was an entry in a contest to look like it was real. Clearly, images can be photoshoped to look real. So we can’t take images as proof.

And no museum has such remains that I can find. I’ve only heard that the Smithsonian is ”hiding” giant remains and keeping it from us. Very hard to believe. Besides, if they do have one, that would lead me to believe there are others to be found and the Smithsonian wouldn’t be able to keep wraps around all the findings.

So…no proof of giants either. I am left only with stories of a horrible god who commands his people to slaughter entire nations of other people. And again, a god not worth following.

I’m sure I’ll have more on this topic in the future.